Sleeping Pods

Are Sleep Pods where the Next Generation Lives?.

Are Sleep Pods where the Next Generation Lives?.

June 26, 2019
Sleeping Pods

We spoke to the people at Podular.

Pod hotels are one of the several disrupting movements changing the face of the modern-day hospitality industry, and expected to reach new heights at the end of forecast period growing with a CAGR of 6.31%.

The hospitality industry is witnessing some of the most unusual but promising changes over the past few years in the form of spurt in self-service hotels, bed & breakfast and affordable homestays, revolutionizing the US$ 570.18B hotel industry.

Given relatively quick turnaround times, travellers in the market for a bed probably want to use it to the fullest. That means lights off and heads down.

The Booming Sleep Pod Hotel Market Projected To Reach $226M in SE Asia Alone.

Recent interest in alternative accommodation, with funding radiating beyond early interest in Airbnb and other distribution platforms to other parts of the ecosystem, such as operators, owners, and back-end tech. “We see these start-ups championing a partial convergence between alternative and traditional accommodations from both a consumer behaviour, and technological back-end perspective”.

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