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Parkwood Aged Care 130 Beds. Sale



Sellers have indicated they would like a  leaseback of 30% of the rooms for the Jewish community.

The Parkwood aged care project has been designed to
create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for
aged care residents. With an emphasis on landscape
spaces and outlook we have created a more desirable
arrangement of spaces in which to reside.
The Development has now been Approved for a 130 bed aged care facility by Gold Coast City council.The design of this project also addresses the greater
context in which it sits by retaining existing landscaping
and introducing new extensive landscaping to all sides of
the site and throughout the site also. By reducing the
project to 3 distinct building masses a more residential
scale is created rather than one monolithic building.These individual building forms step to follow the site
contours which reduces building bulk and also introduces
large landscaped courtyards between buildings. Upper
floors are stepped back to further reduce build bulk and
promote smaller 2 storey buildings to the street scape.Public and entry areas of the building are designed to be
used by staff, residents and visitors alike to create a
village like atmosphere of activity. Clear linear access
routes throughout the buildings and site enhance legibility
and keep all spaces easy to access and navigateMaterials have been chosen to create a contemporary
building that is a worthwhile addition to the built context of
Parkwood but also creates personal and tactile finishes
and a variety of spaces through careful material
compositions.The site is central to, and on the boundaries of,
the residential populations of Parkwood and Arundel.
West of Southport and Labrador these communities
are well accessed by the Pacific Motorway to the west
and the Helensvale train station and bus services to the north, including the new light rail at the end of Napper Road.Positioned on Napper Road just 4 kms (approx. 7minutes)
from the hub of the Gold Coast University Hospital.
Central to these communities makes for conveniece
and facilitates in the ease of community interaction
with surrounding services and activities that make up
a community.


Parkwood queensland
  • airport >0-50 km
  • with approval

    contact the owner.

    Shella Di Marco.