We know India …

As I write from our offices that overlook the choking and overpopulated crush of humanity in the largest city of India, New Dehli, I thought about the 21.7 Million people who live here. I figured these Dehli souls represent just a tiny 1.66%. Yep, you read right, less than 2% of the total population of India live in Dehli, the largest city of India. 

This made me ponder: Where the bloody hell are the other 1.364 Billion Indians hiding, and how can businesses tap into the fastest growing economy of the world? 

Read the rest of this  lighthearted but insightful report by downloading my Ebook for just US$7.95 each. You’ll learn about our experiences almost live as they happen, and how they will help you with Business Related Challenges of Doing Business in India, such as Breaking the Cultural and Language Barriers, Differences in Body Language and why NO and YES does not necessarily mean NO and YES. 


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